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Places in France with OC

Search and find places in France with first letters OC.

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Alphabetical index of places in France with OC

There are 18 places in France beginning with 'OC' (in alphabetical order).
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Ocana   to   Octon
Places in France with OC
Ocana Ocana1.Corsica Corsica408
Occagnes Occagnes2.Lower Normandy Lower Normandy546
Occey Occey3.Champagne-Ardenne Champagne-Ardenne143
Occhiatana Occhiatana4.Corsica Corsica180
Occiglioni Occiglioni5.Corsica Corsica-
Occoches Occoches6.Picardie Picardie126
Occonville Occonville7.Centre Centre-
Ochancourt Ochancourt8.Picardie Picardie246
Oches Oches9.Champagne-Ardenne Champagne-Ardenne40
Ochey Ochey10.Lorraine Lorraine331
Ochiaz Ochiaz11.Rhone-Alpes Rhône-Alpes-
Ochtezeele Ochtezeele12.Nord-Pas-de-Calais Nord-Pas-de-Calais248
Ocquerre Ocquerre13.Ile-de-France Île-de-France374
Ocqueville Ocqueville14.Haute-Normandie Haute-Normandie459
Octeville Octeville15.Lower Normandy Lower Normandy16,951
Octeville-l'Avenel Octeville-l'Avenel16.Lower Normandy Lower Normandy-
Octeville-sur-Mer Octeville-sur-Mer17.Haute-Normandie Haute-Normandie4,949
Octon Octon18.Languedoc-Roussillon Languedoc-Roussillon449

1 - 18 of 18 places