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Places in France with UR

Search and find places in France with first letters UR.

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Alphabetical index of places in France with UR

There are 46 places in France beginning with 'UR' (in alphabetical order).
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Places in France with UR
Ur Ur1.Languedoc-Roussillon Languedoc-Roussillon337
Urau Urau2.Midi-Pyrenees Midi-Pyrénées139
Urbach Urbach3.Lorraine Lorraine-
Urbalacone Urbalacone4.Corsica Corsica70
Urbanya Urbanya5.Languedoc-Roussillon Languedoc-Roussillon31
Urbeis Urbeis6.Alsace Alsace292
Urbes Urbès7.Alsace Alsace471
Urbise Urbise8.Rhone-Alpes Rhône-Alpes128
Urcay Urçay9.Auvergne Auvergne310
Urcel Urcel10.Picardie Picardie560
Urcerey Urcerey11.Franche-Comte Franche-Comté262
Urciers Urciers12.Centre Centre259
Urcuit Urcuit13.Aquitaine Aquitaine1,936
Urcuray Urcuray14.Aquitaine Aquitaine-
Urcy Urcy15.Bourgogne Bourgogne122
Urdens Urdens16.Midi-Pyrenees Midi-Pyrénées188
Urdes Urdès17.Aquitaine Aquitaine240
Urdos Urdos18.Aquitaine Aquitaine-
Urepel Urepel19.Aquitaine Aquitaine390
Urgons Urgons20.Aquitaine Aquitaine269
Urgosse Urgosse21.Midi-Pyrenees Midi-Pyrénées236
Uriage-les-Bains Uriage-les-Bains22.Rhone-Alpes Rhône-Alpes-
Urimenil Uriménil23.Lorraine Lorraine1,427
Uriniccio Uriniccio24.Corsica Corsica-
Urmatt Urmatt25.Alsace Alsace1,436
Urost Urost26.Aquitaine Aquitaine66
Urou-et-Crennes Urou-et-Crennes27.Lower Normandy Lower Normandy669
Urrugne Urrugne28.Aquitaine Aquitaine7,580
Urs Urs29.Midi-Pyrenees Midi-Pyrénées27
Urschenheim Urschenheim30.Alsace Alsace669
Urt Urt31.Aquitaine Aquitaine1,858
Urtaca Urtaca32.Corsica Corsica190
Urtiere Urtière33.Franche-Comte Franche-Comté6
Urtis Urtis34.Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur-
Uruffe Uruffe35.Lorraine Lorraine337
Urval Urval36.Aquitaine Aquitaine170
Urval Urval37.Rhone-Alpes Rhône-Alpes-
Urville Urville38.Champagne-Ardenne Champagne-Ardenne150
Urville Urville39.Lorraine Lorraine65
Urville Urville40.Lower Normandy Lower Normandy-
Urville Urville41.Lower Normandy Lower Normandy500
Urville-Nacqueville Urville-Nacqueville42.Lower Normandy Lower Normandy2,307
Urvillers Urvillers43.Picardie Picardie603
Ury Ury44.Ile-de-France Île-de-France806
Urzange Urzange45.Rhone-Alpes Rhône-Alpes-
Urzy Urzy46.Bourgogne Bourgogne1,861

1 - 46 of 46 places